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September Thin Pen-Scription - Cut off Is Sunday August 11

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Welcome to our brand-new service: Pen-Scriptions!

By signing up for this service you will receive a thin size diamond painting pen each month delivered right to your door! 

The pen blank colorways and the turn styles will be turners choice, a surprise each time, exclusive to this pen-scription service!

There may also, possibly, be a little free gift included as well :) 

The goal is to have these sent out in the mail before the end of each month. However, we are learning as we go how to best manage the workflow and adjusting as needed. For January as an example, we had to re-do the packaging for the pens twice because what we believed would work did not work. This created delays in shipping.

Cut off to get the September pen-scription is Sunday, August 11. Pen-scriptions purchased after this date will begin the following month.