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*Pre-Order* Dragon Seasons by Emma Casey (Acrylic Rounds)

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See second photo for progress of canvas being worked up, keeping in mind this does show use of enhancement drills from DP with Sparklers.

This amazing diamond painting kit is a Record Breaker for Enablers Outpost!

Legally licensed from Emma Casey, we are so proud to present Dragon Seasons, a 50cm x 235cm full drill area. Round drills in 100 colors including 12 Shimmer drills!! Paper schematic and sticker paper schematic. Drills come in baggies. 

No tool kit to reduce waste. If you require a tool kit, please be sure to select Yes at check out. If no selection is made, no tool kit will be sent.

We are also working on enhancement suggestions for each season's section on the canvas!

This canvas does have guide circles and a few of the symbols are on a dark background in dark ink, the manufacturer is unable to change these due to the program used for such a large image.

Shipping is included in the price - that's essentially four 60x50cm canvases for only $40 per kit.

 Shipping is included in the item price.  If you are within the US, we will have the kit sent to us first and we will then send out to you. If you live outside of the US, your painting will be drop shipped to you direct from the manufacturer. It could take from 3 to 8 weeks for the kit to be dispatched directly to your door. As soon as we have tracking information we will add it to your order here on Shopify. However, in some prior instances the painting had been delivered by the time we received the tracking information. 

Photo 1 is the original artwork (watermarked). Photo 2 is a progress photo. Photos 3 through 7 show close up areas of the drill field with color blocking and confetti, all 100 drill colors, 10 of the shimmer drill colors, and the sticker sheet!

***Please note that once the production order is submitted to the manufacturer we are unable to cancel***We are not responsible for any customs fees, duties or taxes that may be charged to you by your country***We are not responsible for damages caused by USPS, UPS, natural disaster, porch pirates or annoying neighbors***Please avoid emailing asking for shipment status if it has not been the full 8 weeks since you placed your order***