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Custom Diamond Painting Consultation *Please read listing in it's entirety*

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This listing is for a Consultation Fee for your Custom Diamond Painting kit!

This $5.00 fee will be applied to the total price of your custom painting (one painting).

What you need to do after purchasing this Consult Fee:

1) Email us at You must put Your Name and the words Custom Painting as well as your order number from this consult fee purchase in the Subject Line of the email. If that is not done, we may not find your email to be able to communicate with you.

2) In the body of that email, let us know what you are looking for: acrylic rounds, acrylic squares, or resin squares. Let us know if you prefer AB or Shimmer Drills charted into the image (this is no extra cost). Acrylic Rounds and Squares are a lower price point than resin squares (approx $10 less)

3) Additionally, let us know if you would like hand charting or computer render. There is a modest fee for hand charting, starting at $15 and going up based on image size.

4) Let us know what size painting you would like. ***We will do our best to keep the image to your preferred size, however it should be noted that some images will not look good in smaller sizes, there will be pixelation and the outcome will not be good. If you do not know what size, you may choose to let our designer create 2 different sizes for you to select from.  We recommend computer renders for photographs and hand charting for artistic images (paintings, drawings, AI images, digital pieces, etc.). If submitting an image from an artist we do require written approval from said artist, be sure to attach it to your email to us.

5) We can make adjustments to the renders twice at no additional charge, so it is important that you let us know all of the specifics up front to avoid additional fees. These fees come from the designer team, not us.

5a) We cannot alter photos with programs such as Photoshop at this time. The only adjustment we do in house is cropping. For the best result, please be sure you have a clear and well-lit image.

6) Once you confirm a render, we are unable to make further adjustment to it. Please be sure to review the render sent to you carefully before you send final approval. We are not responsible for images that come out too small and pixelated. We will make our best recommendation to you, and then it is up to you to decide.

7) If you are US based: we receive our diamond painting orders in approx 4 weeks, then we ship the kit out to you. For International customers, your kit will be drop shipped directly to you. Shipping will be included in the total price of your custom.

8) Expectations: We only make 5 spots for customs available at a time, this is so that we can give each one the attention needed. Once a custom order is finalized, we will make more available. We have been able to finalize tester customs within an average of 7 business days, please allow us the time needed both at Enablers Outpost HQ and our designer team overseas to ensure that your custom is as phenomenal as possible. This timeline is also dependent upon your replies to email communications. If after 7 business days there is no response from you, you then forfeit your custom all together and the $5 consult fee is used to pay for our time and/or a portion of any renders that may have been done.

9) Payment: Upon final approval of your custom render, we will email an invoice to you. Invoices not paid within 24 hours are forfeited.

Pricing Examples: A 50x50 image, hand charted, in square resin drills with 6 Shimmer drills is approx. $85.00. A 60x70 computer generated render in square resin drills with 3 Shimmer drills is approx. $98.00. A 50x75 computer generated render in square resin drills is approx. $95.00. Again, that includes the shipping charge. The second, third and fourth photos on this listing show some customs we have recently done.