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Self Expressions: Square Celebration Roxy by Mrs Coffee - Ready to Ship, In Stock

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This adorable little snack sized canvas is an opportunity to fully express yourself through diamond painting! This is a canvas only, shipped in a tube, and the perfect way to use some spare drills you have kept. Enhance it any way you like: ABs, crystals, metallics, pixie dust.....the possibilities are nearly endless!

Measures 40x40cm with a crystal clear drill field. 

Canvas requires approx 24,649 diamonds to complete.

Give it a chance and try this style of diamond painting today, and express yourself!

 *This listing includes shipping within the United States. If you live outside of the United States, please email us so we can create a Reserved listing and have a kit drop shipped directly to you, it will save you in shipping as opposed to purchasing the in stock kit and paying additional shipping.