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*Leaving for re-chart 6/30/24* Lake Sunset by JK Roots (Acrylic Rounds)

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Legally and responsibly licensed artwork now Available for Direct Shipment: Lake Sunset by JK Roots. 

Kit details:  85x60 drill area, Round drills, 36 colors, 2 ABs 

Tool kit with a standard pen, pen grip, single placer tip and two thin plastic multiplacers (4 and 7), tweezers, one pad of blue wax and a white drill tray.

Drills come packaged in zipper baggies.

Paper schematic sheet for labeling containers when you kit up.

 Shipping is included in the item price. The order will be submitted to the manufacturer on Wednesday of each week, and it could take from 3 to 8 weeks for the kit to be dispatched directly to your door. As soon as we are given tracking information we will add it to your order here on Shopify. However, in some prior instances the painting had been delivered by the time we received the tracking information. We are working towards getting this more streamlined.

***Please note that once the production order is submitted to the manufacturer we are unable to cancel***